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External study or face-to face teaching.
Are you currently working in the community services industry but do not have any formal qualifications? Have you applied for jobs but been rejected because you do not have the certificate for your desired industry? Assimilate First Aid endeavours to lift your confidence and assist you to gain the qualifications that are required.

We offer competency-based training to students from all backgrounds, ages and gender.
Our fees are affordable, with payment plans to suit your budget, which assist in opening the vocational pathway to a wider range of prospective students who otherwise could not afford to access accredited training through a Registered Training Organisation.

Current courses on offer are the Certificate lll in Aged Care, Certificate III in Home and Community Care, Certificate 1V in Disability, Certificate IV in Mental Health and various levels of First Aid.

All courses are delivered by Distance/Blended Education or face-to-face classes. We offer assistance with the work placement portion of your course.

About Our Company
Hi, my name is Ann Priestley. I'm the owner manager of Assimilate First Aid. I have 20 years experience in the health industry, starting my career as an Enrolled Nurse in 1989.

Over the years I have broadened my experience working in the Mental Health and Disability fields, before becoming a registered trainer and assessor and teaching First Aid.

All my trainers have extensive experience within the health industry and don’t just teach you first aid, they help you learn and understand the importance of applying first aid so you can be prepared in the event of an emergency.

Assimilate First Aid specialises in first aid training and supplies for industry, schools, corporate & individuals. We pride ourselves on delivering the most up to date training in a fun and relaxed environment. All courses are nationally recognised and all successful participants are issued a “Statement of Attainment". .

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The Principles of First Aid - DRSABCD

D- Danger

Look for hazards, risks and for safety of yourself, casualty and bystanders

R- Response.
Talk and touch. Speak to the casualty and touch them on the shoulders and or feet.

S- Send For Help.
Contact emergency services. 

A- Airway.
Clear and open the airway.

B - Breathing.
If normal breathing is not present, give 2 initial rescue breaths.

C- Compressions.
Give 30 chest compressions followed by 2 breaths.

D- Defibrillate.
Early defibrillation gives the casualty the best chance of survival.



Did You Know...
The rate for performing CPR is 30/2. That's 30 compressions and 2 breaths for adults and children.  The rate of compressions should be around 100 per minute.

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